America’s Frontline Doctors solution to Covid 19

America’s Frontline Doctors Association, founded by doctor Simone Gold, is promoting information about the cure for Covid 19 that allegedly help all patients and can be used as prevention as well. The Doctors held a press conference in July 2020 and loaded the video on YouTube, but unfortunately, it got pulled down. The full versionContinue reading “America’s Frontline Doctors solution to Covid 19”

My Covid Stories – Il rito di passaggio

  Language: Italian Contribution of: Anonymous photo: processingly It is possible to translate with Google Translate   Il rito di passaggio Si tratta di far uscire le parole. Si tratta di cominciare a scrivere i pensieri che circolano in testa, i ricordi, i frammenti, le immagini. Volti, sensazioni, dolore, flash. Ale, il telefono, il respiroContinue reading “My Covid Stories – Il rito di passaggio”