What everyone knows

Covid 19 symptoms are known to everyone.

There are tons of websites giving information and going through a list of the most common symptoms, in the case of both a mild and a serious infection.

Also, a lot to prevent is being explained and done. Everybody knows how to wash their hands, when to wear the mask, how to stay away from risky situations, and when to call the doctor.

Everybody knows how to prevent, but who knows what happens when you get sick?

What you don’t know

Covid 19 patients don’t fully recover in 30 days.

Matter of fact, the majority of us are still sick 60 days, even 90 days later.

The symptoms present at the beginning are still there, day after day, physically affecting at different levels according to the personal situation and existing issues, but mentally affecting all of us at the very same, deep level.

Some of us develop collateral issues and may have temporary or even permanent damage to other organs. Our immune system capacity drops down to ridiculous abilities to fight back and feel strong again.

Covid 19 patients may feel sick, scared, and abandoned.

We feel weak, confused at times, and we don’t have energy; we struggle for low-grade fever, breathing issues, gastrointestinal problems. We get breathless after a 10 minutes walk, and truth to be told, for some of us either we walk or we talk, since it is impossible to do both things at the same time.

No one has an answer to our questions. No doctor knows what is going on in our body and why it takes so long for our system to recover.

Not to mention our families and friends: they just feel powerless and unable to help.

What now?

It’s time to find a cure.

Working to find a vaccine is a primary objective for the whole community, but the existing Covid 19 patients need a cure.

A lot can be done, whatever your level of involvement in this matter is.

As patients, we can monitor our symptoms and keep a journal; it will help us track our progress, as well as it will help the Scientific Community to study the Covid 19 behavior, identify a pattern and work on a solution.

If you are not a Covid 19 patient, you can do a lot for the others and also help yourself.

You can help your loved ones by reading the stories shared on this website: they will give you a different perspective on what is going on in the body and mind of the people you care about.

You can help the community around the globe by sharing this website with your friends on your social media accounts, and by contributing to the Fundraising campaign.

By doing so, you are also helping yourself, because, matter of fact, you could be next, and you might need a cure in the future as well.

Scientists are working hard, and the path to find a vaccine is still long. Let’s also focus on the cure.




photo credits: cade renfroe, Unsplash


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