Italy – Meet Giuseppe

Name: Giuseppe Age: 41 Symptoms after 60 days: Shortness of breath, fever, dizziness

USA – Meet Sam

Name: Samantha Age: 39 Symptoms after 60 days: Asthenia

U.K. – Meet Thomas

Name: Thomas Age: 40 Symptoms after 60 days: Asthenia, thyroid dysfunction

Italy – Meet Angela

Name: Angela Age: 54 Symptoms after 60 days: Mild cough, headacheSymptoms after 90 days: Mild coughLasted: 100 days, now recovered

France – Meet Chloe

Name: Chloe Age: 29 Symptoms after 60 days: Low-grade fever, lack of air Lasted: 80 days. Now recovered

France – Meet Arnaud

Name: Arnaud Age: 38 Symptoms after 60 days: Shortness of breath, astheniaSymptoms after 90 days: AstheniaLasted: 120 days, now recovered

Spain – Meet Alberto

Name: Alberto Age: 36 Symptoms after 30 days: sensation of lack of air but at the end with no shortness of breath Lasted: 60 days. Hospitalized + therapy. Now recovered.

Spain – Meet Caterina

Name: Caterina Age: 34 Symptoms after 60 days: soft stools, cough Lasted: 105 days. Now recovered  

Italy – Meet Massimo

Name: Massimo Age: 35 Symptoms after 60 days: Low-grade fever, asthenia Lasted: 100 days. Now recovered  

USA – Meet Juliet

Name: Juliet Age: 27 Symptoms after 60 days: Nausea, dyspnea, low-grade fever Lasted: 90 days. Now recovered  


The Netherlands – Meet Paola

Name: Paola Age: 46 Symptoms after 60 days: low-grade fever, conjunctivitis, mild cough, thyroid dysfunction Symptoms after 90 days: low-grade fever, thyroid dysfunction Lasted: 130 days. Thyroid dysfunction only, basically recovered now.


Introduce Yourself

You are not alone. There are thousands of people exactly like you, in the same condition as you are, experiencing the same symptoms that you have. People who got sick from Covid 19 and who have not been hospitalized. We don’t get any assistance, and for now we don’t get a chance to be followedContinue reading “Introduce Yourself”

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