To help each other

Start helping, by sharing your story on this website.

(Learn here how to do it)

You are not alone in this battle that seems to never end. Knowing that there are other people like you, all around the world, with weird symptoms after 3 months, is a sign of normality believe it or not, in this crazy situation with no explanation, and the fact some patients have finally overcome their symptoms gives hope.

Start feeling normal again finding support in this community.

By reading other people’s stories, you won’t feel alone anymore; you will find out that other people have exactly your symptoms at this very moment.

By sharing your example, your struggles and your success, you will be able to give and get comfort and emotional healing at the same time. 

To help the research

Our stories put together, make a huge database full of data of any kind, with enormous potential.

Researches can benefit from our experience collecting data, and we can benefit as well because we give ourselves the chance to fight for your health and to increase the hopes for a cure.

Also, fundraising is in place to help the research.

A teeny-tiny gesture can change the life of thousands of people. The purpose of this fundraising campaign is to collect money and to fund a Research Team willing to find a cure.

The money collected is not intended to finance a vaccine, as the global community is already working on this; the money collected is solely intended to help the existing Covid 19 patients who are still sick months after and need assistance.

If you are a doctor, a scientist, if you are part of a Research Team or if you know one, get in touch: we are waiting for you. 


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